Zminijietna Left Youth


Join Us / Subscribe

Those who wish to join Zminijietna Left Youth (Z,L.Y.) should download the form from here. Print it and send it by post, together with the due payment to this address:

14, Flat 8, Vincenti Buildings,
Triq id-Dejqa,

Z.L.Y members should be less or eqaul to 35 years of age.

One can either be a full member or a supportive member of Z.L.Y. The only difference is that the former can attend and vote in the committee meetings of Z.L.Y., after being approved by the same committee, whilst the supportive member can not attend committee meetings unless asked specifically.

The fee for full members is that of Lm3, 7€ every year, whilst that of the supportive members is Lm2, 4.65€ every year. Both members are automatically subscribed for a whole year with Zminijietna review.

One can also subscribe as an indefenit member, meaning being a member till 35 years of age. Members of this type have 5 years subscription paid, for Zminijietna review. The price for becoming an indefenit member is that of Lm20, 46.20 €.

Download subscrtiption form for Zmijinijietna Left Youth from here .pdf format, or here for .doc format.

Download subscription form for Zminijetna review, please note that Z.L.Y members are automatically subscribed to Zminijetna review from here .pdf format, or here for .doc format.