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About Us - Committee

Zminijietna Left Youth (Z.L.Y.) is the youth section within the organisation Zminijietna - Voice of the Left.

The main aim of Zminijietna Left Youth is that the ogranisation has a presence in the Maltese civil society by reaching the youth sphere through activism from a leftist perspective. Apart from other things, Zminijietna Left Youth intends to increase it's presence in Zminijietna review and build and form relations and alliances with other leftist organisations and others where agreement is found, on both a national and international level. Publish press releases on socio-political issues and organise social and cultural events.

Manifesto of principles

Zminijietna Leftist Youth (ZLY) is a leftist movement which spreads a leftist ideology through activism in the civil society. Its leftist ideology is based on equality and social justice. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to emancipate him/herself in the society in which he/she forms part. The priciples of this movement are divided into several aspects;
Democracy – ZLY believes in democracy, in where the people choose and determine who will rule their society. ZLY wants to see a true democracy where :
- citizens will have more influence in important decisions in our country (ex more referendums)
- parliament uses its powers on social, economic, and political areas, for the benefit and interest of the citizens.
- it will strengthen on a local, regional, national, and international level, in all structures of the state.

Solidarity – For ZLY, solidarity is one of the fundamental ingredients that will improve our society. Our movement has a duty to show solidarity with workers who are victims of precariousness and exploitation; with the minorities who are finding difficulties and lack of freedom when they confront those who are in power (ex. homosexuals and victims of domestic abuse); and with immigrants who come in our country because they are fleeing from wars and tyranny, and are ready to intigrate themselves in our society. Solidarity should also find its place in the economy, and therefore we are against the dismantling of the welfare state. It should instead be strengthened and adapted for the social needs that we face nowadays.
Economy – In capitalist societies, there exists a gap between the social classes, where minorities under capitalist categories are owners of the means of production, and where the majority under working class categories work for the owners; that is the capitalist category. In this context, there exists a race of production that is based on worker and ecological exploitation, where the capitalist class appropiates what is produced to increase its profits. On the contrary, we believe that an alternative means of production is possible, where the economic gap between social classes ceases to exist, and therefore what is produced is distributed equally. The first step for this type of society, is a socialist society where by a hegemonical and popular policy, the state nationalises sectors of strategic importance, defends public sectors, and encourages workers unions. This would progressively lead to a democratization of the means of production, until the gap between the social classes ceases to exist.

Social Policy – The aim of social policy should be based on the concept of equality. This means that the state has the responsibilty to promote a universal social policy that at the same time will focus on the particular aspirations of the masses. With this social policy, the state would promote more social inclusion, social justice, the ability of the people, and at the same time it would prevent social exclusion and injustices on groups in society that are considered as vulnerable.  In the social political context that we’re in today, we feel that the best way in which workers rights will remain safe guarded is by protecting economic and social rights, like the right of work, a decent pay, a place where to live, transport and education.

Environment – ZLY believes in environmental justice where projects on rural, urban, and natural environment are sustainable and in parallel with social justice. We highly recommend; that the speculation of lands and buildings be curbed; that building projects would offer a decent environment, where the resident can enjoy a high quality life; that our economy be diversified in such a way that the dependence from the industry of construction is reduced; that public access for recreational areas and sites of open space, the sea coast and places of cultural importance are guaranteed for all citizens; and that public transport is given importance, so that the creation of new transport systems will reduce the use of private cars in our country. For us, the harmony between the economy, ecology, and society is a concept that opens way for planning, and a policy that results in a high quality environment. The environment is not only a technical or legal issue. It is above all, a political issue.

Globalisation – Our movement is in favour of a globalisation of social justice and equality. On the other hand, our movement will never be in favour of a capitalist globalisation which is based on; dominance of markets on others; workers exploitation; hegemony which destroys ethnic and cultural diversities; environmental destruction; imperialist wars; and misery.

Education – ZLY believes that education should all be provided by the state, in a secular way, so that comprehensive education can be reached. The system of education should not be a selective and elitist system, so that in no way it will prevent the individual from improving to his full potential. Crafts and artisanship should continue to be taught in our schools, so that the skills of handcrafts remain of interest and will result in opportunities of work. Schools should remain informed as regards to new methods of teaching. Education is priceless for society and therefore it should be free for everybody, and should be of high quality standards. ZLY is also in favour that the community involves itself in social educational activites so that social capital is increased.

Peace, Defence and Sovreignty – This movement believes that the military resources of a country should purely be tools of defence against a threat to democracy and sovreignty of a nation. Therefore ZLY is firmly against the use of military action that is used for economic and political power of one country on another. We believe that the United Nations should completely reform its structure so as to reflect the period after the second world war, and also the cold war. There should be a multilateral and global policy against the dominance of the weapons industry and against politico-military deficit in the world.  In practice, such a multilateral co-operation can be done by the participating countries, by reducing their allocated budgets for military purposes, which would then be used against the problem of climate change.
Tolerance – Our movement believes in the values of reciprocal respect, ethics, pluralism, and harmony in diversity. If this is to be, there needs to be a policy of social inclusion.
Culture – ZLY feels that art and music are important tools, so that these principles (mentioned up here) would be given more life and spirit. Our movement is commited to promote progessive arts which would promote the values mentioned in this manifesto. Culture is the expression of the people’s way of living. This should never be considered as a commodity, but should be considered an essential part of man’s life. No elite, social class, dominant group, or commercial organisation should monopolise culture.

If you wish to contact us, you can send us an e-mail on this address; zzxmalta@hotmail.co.uk

You can download the manifesto of ZLY in English from here .pdf version, and from here .doc version.
You can download the manifesto of ZLY in Maltese from here .pdf version, and from here .doc version

Till date, only a Maltese version of the statute is available, an English version should be available in near future.

Sabiex taqra l-istatut sew ghandek bzonn it-tipa Tornado li tista titnizzel min hawn. Wara li tnizzel il-file Tornado.zip, ifthu u ghamel 'extract files' gewwa l-Control Pannel -> Fonts.


1. Isem – L-isem ta’ l-g[aqda huwa }minijietna - }g[a]ag[ tax-Xellug' (}.}.X). L-isem bl-Ingli] huwa   '}minijietna - Left Youth' (}.L.Y).

2. G[anijiet - }minijietna - }g[a]ag[ tax-Xellug huwa moviment li jwassal politika xellugija permezz ta' attivi]mu fis-so/jeta' /ivili.

3. S[ubija

a)  L-eta’ tal-membri ta' }}X ma tistax tkun aktar minn dik ta' [amsa u tletin (35) sena.

b) Kull persuna li tintrabat ma' l-g[anijiet u l-istatut ta l-g[aqda hija elegibbli g[as-s[ubija b[ala membru.  Is-s[ubija fil-moviment sse[[ permezz ta’ nominazzjoni u sekondazzjoni minn membri tal-kumitat pre]enti, u bi qbil ta' l-istess kumitat.  B'hekk isir membru tal-kumitat, bid-dritt tal-vot. Il-[las tas-s[ubija huwa ta' tliet liri (Lm3 - 6.99 Euro) fis-sena, li minnhom lira (Lm1 - 2.33 Euro) tmur ghall-G[aqda }minijietna b[ala abbonament ta' sena fil-fuljett }minijietna.

/) Wie[ed jista’ jid[ol b[ala membru g[al ]mien indefinit (sa l-eta’ ta' 35 sena) bi [las ta' g[oxrin lira (Lm20 - 46.19 Euro), li minnhom [ames liri (Lm5 - 11.55 Euro) tmur g[all-G[aqda }minijietna b[ala abbonament g[al [ames snin fil-fuljett }minijietna.

d) Wie[ed jista’ jissie[eb b[ala  'supportive member' billi j[allas ]ew; liri (Lm2 - 4.66 Euro) fis-sena, li minnhom lira (Lm1 - 2.33 Euro) tmur g[all-G[aqda }minijietna b[ala abbonament ta' sena fil-fuljett }minijietna.  Membri ta' dan it-tip ma jkunux jistg[u jattendu l-laqg[at tal-kumitat, [lief jekk mhux mitluba spe/ifikament mill-istess kumitat, i]da ming[ajr id-dritt tal-vot.

4. Kumitat - L-g[aqda titmexxa mill-kumitat li g[alih ikun hemm elezzjoni tal-karigi fil-Laqg[a :enerali. Il-karigi jinvolvu; President, Segretarju, Uffi/jal g[ar-relazzjonijiet pubbli/i, Segretarju Internazzjonali, Te]orier, u o[rajn skond kif jidhirlu l-kumitat.

5. {idma – Il-moviment }}X ja[dem permezz ta'; stqarrijiet pubbli/i, kitba, attivitajiet kulturali, attivitajiet so/jali, attivitajiet politi/i, attivitajiet edukattivi, kuntatti internazzjonali, medja, alleanzi u koperazzjonijiet ma' g[aqdiet o[rajn skond il-[tie;a u fil-limiti tal-mezzi disponibbli.

6. Laqg[a :enerali Annwali - Din hija l-og[la awtorita’ fi [dan il-moviment, u d-de/i]jonijiet tag[ha huma finali. F'din il-laqg[a jinqraw u ji;u approvati r-rapport amministrattiv u finanzjarju.

7. Laqg[a :enerali Straordinarja – Tin]amm fi ]mien xahar minn meta tintalab mill-kumitat, jew minn mhux anqas minn 20% tal-membri, li jitolbuha bil-miktub lis-Segretarju, g[al ra;unijiet spe/ifi/i.

8. Laqg[at tal-moviment }}X – Laqg[at ta' }}X g[andhom ikunu kull ;img[atejn.  Kull membru tal-kumitat g[andu jkun informat bil-post u l-[in tal-laqg[a mis-segretarju sa mhux aktar tard min tlett (3) ijiem qabel il-laqg[a. Il-membri tal-kumitat min-na[a tag[hom g[andhom jinformaw lis-segretarju jekk ma jkunux jistg[u jattendu.

9. Kworum – G[al-laqg[at tal-kumitat jin[tieg kworum ta’ tliet (3) membri . Artiklu [dax (11) ta’ dan l-istatut jistabbilixxi l-kworum f’kas ta’ laqg[a ta’ xoljiment.

10. Membri ‘Co-Opted’ f'kariga - Il-kumitat g[andu dritt ja[tar membri ‘co-opted’ fil-kariga bid-dritt tal-vot. Jista’ wkoll ja[tar sotto-kumitati b'nies li jkunu membri fil-moviment, i]da li ma jkunux fil-kumitat /entrali.

11. Xoljiment

a) Xoljiment ta’ l-g[aqda jista’ ji;i de/iz biss b'vot ta' tlieta minn kull erbg[a tal-membri pre]enti f'Laqgha :enerali li tkun issej[et bl-g[an spe/ifiku tax-xoljiment.  F'ka] ta' xoljiment, il-fondi u l-propjeta’ ta’ l-g[aqda ji;u trasferiti lill-G[aqda }minijietna.

b) Kworum f'ka] ta' laqg[a ta' xoljiment irid ikun ta' mhux anqas minn ]ew; terzi (66%) tal-membri kollha regolari fil-[las tal-mi]ata.

12. Statut - L-interpretazzjoni ta' l-istatut bejn laqg[a ;enerali annwali jew dik straordinarja, jew o[rajn, tissejja[ biss mill-kumitat. Fejn ma' jispe/ifikax l-istatut, id-de/i]joni tal-kumitat tkun finali.  Emendi fl-istatut jistg[u jsiru biss fil-Laqg[a :enerali Annwali jew f’Laqgha :enerali Straordinarja.

Tista tnizzel l-istatut taz-ZZX min hawn.verzjoni .pdf, u min hawn verzjoni .doc.