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'Stipends system essential for inclusive education'
The following organisations, namely Zminijietna Left Youth, Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh, General Workers’ Union Youth, Moviment Graffitti, Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, Science Students’ Society, Greenhouse, Ghaqda Studenti Harsien Socjali welcome the report of the University Students' Council on the importance of having quality education that reflects the needs and development of contemporary society. On the other hand, the organisations are concerned with certain comments being put forward by some, including the Ecofin Country Focus (commissioned by the European Commission) and the Chalmers Report (commissioned by the Government), which are questioning Malta 's stipend system.
‘Malta has made tremendous advances in post-secondary and tertiary education over the past years, and the stipend system has helped encourage thousands of students to continue their studies. Without stipends, many students would have experienced much difficulty in furthering their studies. Still, Malta has the lowest participation rate in post-secondary and tertiary education in the EU. Reduction of stipends would surely not help the situation'.
 'The Ecofin Country Focus and the Chalmers Report want to turn the clock back towards an elitist form of education where only the privileged have complete access'.
 The following organisations believe that the stipends system should be maintained, whilst being ensured that grants are being used for educational, and not other, purposes. The system should also be more generous towards students in institutions such as MCAST.
 'We also believe that during the summer months, students should also benefit from schemes through which they can match their studies with practical work. This can include applied work, research, technical work, artistic work and other experiences' .
 'If Malta truly aims for higher student participation rate in post-secondary and tertiary education, the way forward is to move Malta's primary and secondary school system away from streaming and towards more inclusive forms of education. We agree with Government's proposals in this regard'.
Christopher Cutajar
Public Relations Officer
Zminijietna Left Youth.

Is-sistema ta' l-istipendji hi essenzjali ghall-edukazzjoni inklussiva  
L-organizzazzjonijiet Zminijietna Zghazagh tax-Xellug , Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh, General Workers’ Union Youth, Moviment Graffitti, Forum Zghazagh Laburisti, Science Students’ Society, Greenhouse, Ghaqda Studenti Harsien Socjali  jilqghu b’sodisfazzjon ir-rapport mhejji mill-Kunsill Studenti Universitarji fuq l-importanza li jkollna edukazzjoni ta’ kwalita’ li tirrifletti l-bzonnijiet u l-izvilupp tas-socjeta’ kontemporanja. Mill-banda l-ohra l-organizzazzjoniji et huma mhassba b’certu kummenti li tnisslu minn certu oqsma, fosthom fir-rapport 'Ecofin Country Focus' (ikkummisjonat mill-Kummissjoni Ewropea) u r-rapport Chalmers (ikkummisjonat mill-Gvern), li lkoll qed jiddubitaw s-sistema ta’ l-Istipendji f’Malta.  

‘ Malta ghamlet avvanzi kbar fuq livell post sekondarju u dak terzjarju fis-snin li ghaddew, u s-sistema ta’ l-istipendji ghenet sabiex studenti jigu mhajjra jkomplu l-istudji taghhom. Minghajr stipendju, hafna studenti kienu jesperjenzaw hafna iktar diffikultajiet biex ikomplu l-istudji taghhom. Fil-prezent Malta ghandha l-inqas rata ta’ partecipazjoni fuq livell post-sekondarju u dak terzjarju meta mqabbla ma’ pajjizi ohra fl-Unjoni Ewropeja. Tnaqqis fl-istipendju zgur li mhux ser jghin sabiex titjieb is-sitwazzjoni.’
‘’Ecofin Country Focus’ u r-rapport Chalmers iridu jergghu idawwru l-arlogg lura, lejn sistema edukattiva elitista li gawdew minna l-iktar dawk privileggjati’
‘Is-sistema ta’ l-istipendji ghandha tibqa’, filwaqt li ghandu jigi assigurat li l-grant qed jigi utilizzat ghal istudju u mhux ghal affarijiet ohra. Is-sistema ghandha tkun iktar generuza lejn studenti f’’istituzzjonijiet ohrajn fosthom l-MCAST’.
‘Nemmnu li fix-xhur ta’ sajf, l-istudenti ghandhom jibbenefikaw minn skemi fejn bihom ikunu jistghu jikkumplimentaw l-istudji taghhom ma’ xoghol prattiku. Din tista’ tinkludi xoghol applikat, ricerka, xoghol tekniku, xoghol artistiku u xoghol iehor. 
‘Jekk f’Malta irridu vera nimxu lejn iktar partecipazzjoni ta’ studenti f’edukazzjoni post sekondarja u terzjarja, il-pass il-quddiem hu li mmexxu l-primarja u sekondarja l-boghod mill- assessjar selettiv u aktar vicin forom ta’ edukazzjoni inklussiva. F’dan ir-rikward naqblu ma’ l-proposta tal-Gvern li jitnehha ‘streaming’.    
Christopher Cutajar
Ufficjal Relazzjonijiet Pubblici
Zminijietna Zghazagh tax-Xellug.

Social Reel Festival 2008

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Visit Cuba Summer 2010

Zminijietna Left Youth is supporting the organisation Malta-Cuba Friendship Association for the Jose-Marti European Solidarity camp covering a full two weeks during summer. Some of the Maltese participants will be from Zminijietna Left Youth itself. The International Work Brigade consists of groups from solidarity and socio-political organisations of several European countries mostly youths. Members of the Brigade spend two weeks in Caimito - Havana as a ‘Brigadista’, working and socialising with Cubans and people from all across Europe. It is a unique opportunity to experience the Cuban Revolution firsthand and show that Cuba is not alone. This event is organised by ICAP (Cuban Association of Friendship with other Nations).

This camp is ideal for students, youths, teachers, political activists and those wanting a different holdiay.

Participants will have the opportunity to see and experience the real Cuba:

  • Visit and work in the Cuban agricultural system
  • Learn Spanish and Salsa
  • Visit primary and secondary schools, art schools, universities and gymnasiums
  • Meet social and political organisations
  • Meet many european cuban-solidarity organisations
  • Visit hospitals and clinics
  • Try authentic Cuban cigars, rum and tropical food
  • Visit museums, galleries and beaches
  • Get involved in a range of cultural activities
  • See and discuss the Cuban political system
  • Visit food, tobacco, rum and other small industry factories


Participation in any of the events is non-obligatory. Brigadistas also take part in a full programme of activities including educational and political events plus visits to hospitals and schools to see for yourself the successes of the Revolution. Entertainment is provided at the camp with live bands and dance lessons, whilst excursions to some of Cuba’s fantastic beaches and places of interest are organised. The brigadistas will also stay a weekend at a hotel in Pinar del Rio, an adjacent province to Havana, which also has its distinct characteristics from Havana.

More information can be obtained by emailing ZLY on zzxmalta@hotmail.co.uk or phoning/sms to 7928 3716 or 7937 0523.

Download programme for this year's brigade (in Spanish) from here. English version will be online shortly.